Just because a person has a small kitchen does not mean it cannot be transformed into their dream kitchen. There are many things that a person can do to make their small kitchen look great. When they are remodeling a small kitchen there are some techniques that a person can use to make the kitchen more functional as well.

Change the Appliances

Using compact and smaller appliances can great more room in the kitchen. There will be less clutter and more space to move around. Refrigerators can be purchased that are 24 inches deep rather then 30 inches deep. This will help save some room. Microwaves can be hung under cabinets as well in order to free up some counter space. Smaller coffee pots, toasters, and other appliances can be stored away in the cabinet when they are not being used instead of being left on the counter.


Add Color

Adding bright colors can make a kitchen appear to be larger. Even paying one of the walls white can make the kitchen look bigger. This will allow the kitchen to reflect light which will make it appear larger.

Change the Lighting

Adding more lights can give the illusion that the kitchen space is larger then it actually is. If there are additional lights installed under cabinets or under a counter the kitchen can actually look bigger.


Make Open Shelves

Open shelves will give the kitchen a modern look and a modern feel. Installing open shelves can also help save space. This is a new and modern look. It will also allow a person easy access to their shelves and the dishes that they used for everyday purposes. These shelves can be mounted on the wall with a couple of steel brackets to make sure they are strong enough to hold the dishes. This will allow a person to have a modern look and be able to save space a the same time.

These are just some things a person can do to make their small kitchen appear larger and get the most out of their space. These simple touches can open up a kitchen and allow a person to move around in one of the most important rooms in the house.